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Agent 124

The Holy Book of Dokema

As communicated to :.Fr. Brazen shield of discharge;. and :.Fr. Lounginus anal sword of destiny;. This night 04122005 Postcomedium

1. Whoa

2. I’m feeling the stipulation of the fancy over here

3. All that endeavor will fancy them selves, again and again.

4. Behold!!!!!!! The manifestation of your higher fancy; whether thee be man or woman or shehe or heshe or eunuch or just a lover of good corn beef, your fancy is your highest duty above the endeavor of the stipulation.

Every Giggle is infinite, there is no difference.

5) Assist Me oh Flagrant Tasty one, in my Hearty Guffaw....

6) Be thou Mysterious Purple Ooze, my secret center, at the end of lollipop.

7) Behold! It is revealed by Screenie, this computer one that I stare in.

8) the ha is in the he, not the he in the Ha..

9. O fools, O fools that ignore the HA but embrace the HE.

10. For shall be your fancy fruitless; and your joys be the joys of the hollow stipulation.

11. But remember thou ist the appointed one, and appointed art thou; thy fancy will embrace you with a creamy filling that the un-appointed can only purchases in a reconstituted form from a substandard half way house.

12. But the stream will burn and the discharge will crust again and again, for the lowly ones that embrace the hollow stipulation.

13. For the Stream is within and without. The burning enema of divine fancy runneth down the thigh of a reddish sort of wench.

14. Above, there is a thingie
Naked, some wench
She bends limbly like a wrist
The secret in the stench
the Jumping bean, the sickly green,

15. Now there shall be rising of much Yeast, in the bakers shop for nigh a week. This bi-atcheth who is of reddish, sometimes pinkish hue. Is all wrapped round in typewriter ribbon. They shall tether the horses to the mold: they shall wring the gory tampon out over the fold.

16. For it is ever FUN, and nothing will be in the spoon. To it is the Jumping bean, and the sickly green..

17. Rise, Rise O chosen one of the ferment.

18. For doth the bean burrow; till amalgamated with the frothy goodness soon to be excreted upon the brow of thy rejuvenated skank.

19. The deepest tome of the testament of the jocularity is in the HA and the HE combined with the Wee, for I am PEE and Woish, wish, wash and a flush. For if it’s yellow its mello if it’s brown flush it down.

20. Stroke, squeeze, shake and elongate.

To be continued................................................
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